The Fire Rating Standards and Security Standards are extremely important in airport projects. Novodoor has experience with NFPA norms and their regulations for proper design dimensions and doors on escape routes. It’s important to set the door project team consisting of engineer representatives, constructor and door supplier from the beginning of the project. By setting up this team the proper door and ironmongery schedules can be worked out smoothly. Novodoor has been involved in the design phase of doors and ironmongery for various airport projects such as Astana Internationl Airport, Sabiha Gocken Airport, Doha International Airport and currently working on Muscat Airport by supplying the door and ironmongery package according to NFPA standards.


As Novodoor we have done many special projects and every time there is a challenge to supply the correct doors according to design, specifications and budget. Some of thespecial projects we did are Doha Convention Center with the steel tree, Khan Shaktyr Entertainment Center with the polycarbonaat dome and Medinah High Speed Railway Station with the enormous open-air roof construction.


For hotel projects the design of the door details are important and close cooperation with the architect and consultant is necessary. Entrance doors should achieve minimum of 38 db to ensure the customer any annoyance of loud. Front and back of house doors should be defined in a proper way to validate the design of the architect We have worked with various hotel chains like Hilton hotels, Hyatt, Rixsos hotels, Ibis hotels and Novotels in different countries.


Doors are not visible and therefore it is often not seen as an important part of the building process in most of the shopping malls. However, the investor usually has high maintenance costs due the low quality of doors and ironmongery. In order to ensure durability and long-life of doors and ironmongery while bringing the certain quality level of the shopping center fore, we advise to use proper quality products. Some of our high quality shopping center references are Ikea Ankara, Park Mall Setif in Algeria and Port Baku.


In the high class Business centers special doors are being used such as glass cladded, stone cladded and glass profiled doors. Together with the architect such doors need to be designed beforehand according to the correct fire ration and specifications. Samples of such business centers are Esentai business tower almaty, Soccar head office , baku and Dolfin business center Ankara.


For stadium projects the doors have an important function as people should only enter and leave the stadium via forecasted routes. The doors and ironmongery must be resistant again vandalisme and security proof to resist. Rollershutters and curtains also play an important role to separate the different groups of people watching the games. Large stadions in where heavy resistant doors were used are Donbass Arena in Donetks, Astana ice skate stadium and Ashgabat Olympic complex.


In Hospitals mainly steelframes or aluminium frames are being used and therefore the coordination between the wooden door and steel frame production is important in order to fit all. For hygienic issues we normally use full wraparound adjustable frames in combination with laminated doors. Novodoor is also specialised in the supply of Hygenic an hermetical doors in combination with automatic dooropening systems. In Ufa Perinatal medical center in Russia together with the designer special colors and door designs were used. By doing this relaxed area for the patients were created in which they would feel more home.